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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rahul Dravid in West Indies

Dravid has scored in bilks in West Indies. Last time around, he was the captain. Gave India the series win by 1-0. He was MOM in the winning match and was also the MOS. All in all, WI has been an awesome place for Dravid where he averages 70.00 with 1260 runs under his belt.

One of his finest Test performance came at the Sabina Park, where he stood tall against pacy Jerome Taylor & Correy Collymore. Not just once. But in both the innings. He scored two monumental fifties (81 & 68) in the game and put India on the verge of a historic series win.

Apart from this, Dravid has 2 100s in WI. 144* & 146. Watch out for him this time.


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