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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of Lights and Limelighted: A Poetry on R Dravid

Some day, all alone, someone will remember,
a support is what we all need.
When there won't be any wall to take comfort,
when there will be captivated birds,
no one to put everything, for them to be freed...

On paper, P & C brings the best of all,
on statistics, experts can still work out:
What is victory is going there,
What is victory is letting others take the limelight,
While you stand upwards, throwing the lights out.

Lights aren't in limelight, of course.
But what is a limelight without the lights?
Who will tell the world all this?
Better us few enjoy the light, rather than,
viewing the ones in limelight, of someone else's effort,
RD, on cricket field for me,
you're brighter than any other sights...
RG :-) ::: 14 Mar 2010



Great one. I am taking this one for BTW

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