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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dravid's Festival @ Delhi: Meeting Dravid @ Roshnara Delhi vs Ktk

 Posted on 13/11/2009 after the match between Delhi and Karnataka @ Roshnara Club Delhi.

This was one thing I won't regret doing which RD didn't apreciate, didn't like..Touching his feet was a pleasure, watching him hit the square drive was a priviliege, looking at his perfect pulls was an honour, his humbleness and and his down-to-earth attitude were the blessings, his smile and his life, an enigma, his personality, a charm, his presence, a feeling that perfection in body language, and attitude exists, and so on...its not that you describe in words, these are such traits that make me feel that I'm lesser than him.

Who else of his stature will come to ask for interview once he's said that he will give it? He came himself for it, we didn't have to run behind, while Vijay Dahiya clearly didn't want to give the interview, and so indirectly said bye after running behind him. There comes the difference...he doesn't have an ego, even after performing so well. The game was perfect, his 78 in the first innings were delight, he scored very less in second innings, but it was okay, his presence was wonderful, and so other things didn't really matter much I feel...

After he was out, he was cheering, and was hell dissapointed at the loss of wicket of Thilak Naidu...the reactions showed that every game is important. He never took it as an easy game, he wanted to win, played for win in the end. Lights were offered the first time, he said play, which clearly meant he wanted to go for the extra 2 points. It was really beautiful feeling to be almost part of Karnataka team, cheering for them a lot which they acknowledged...

About the other things, the interview was fantastic, though we were underprepared...we enjoyed every bit of the game. These four days, we had said, are Dravid's Festival@Roshnara Club. The Club people knows us, the staff knows us, the Karnataka team knows us as their allies, the Delhi team knows us as the opponents...

We also saw Ishant and and Kohli...they were gossiping, Kohli was making fun of a senior person from Karnataka dressing room, shows how he is...and also, he was making kids run around, still getting beaten often, and said he'll finish with a six, hit a six around 40 meters of the bowling of a kid. Rakesh also bowled to him, he mishit it cause it wasn't near his scoring area, was almost a yorker.

Rakesh bowled in the nets to Stuart Binny who doesn't know defensive play. There were a lot of friendly people in the dressing room. We robbed Delhi of the home advantage, which Vijay Dahiya was referring to after the match...we were cheering very very hard...and we enjoyed it. Anything for Dravid, Only for Dravid.
The legacy of Karnataka fast bowling continues with Vinay, Mithun, Arvind, and Akhil. All are almost allrounders. Delhi was always on the losing side, except for gritty knocks by Dhawan and Bhatia...we also got to see what home advantage is (umpiring).

Back to the center of attraction, Rahul Dravid is the best person I've met, he is inspiring, and somehow, I, as a budding writer, can't express that in words. Words aren't enough to explain the experience, just one thing, whenever you have an opportunity, experience the experience we had yourself, and it'll stay with you for life. Even critics, if they meet him, will surely get in awe of him as a person. He is a great person truly...forget about being a cricketer for the moment.

Dravid's Festival rocked...
RG :: 13/11/2009


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