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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you a super-human? (A Poetry on Dravid)

In everything you did struggles and struggles
You happily crossed all those hurdles
Whatever given to you, taking it happily
Whether a coin of gold, or stones and pebbles

The same process, starting afresh, uncovering new peel
Proving every time, and to everyone, you are a man of steel
Never emotions shown in public, whatever happens to you
Are you super-human, if you don't I certainly feel

Thrown out of ODI team, came back with a bang
Criticized in every way, yet victory song you sang
Every innings a sword hanging round the neck
Yet you always managed to coolly hang

At 35, thrown the door off the ODI team again
No worries to you, no single complain
Going back again, and proving you're the best
You're a super-human, who can feel more than usual pain

Bangalore's true icon, you aren't now the captain
"Dravid shown the boot" Headlines Today give as caption
Yet I know you will come back, silence all
Cause you are no normal being, you are my super-human

You are my role-model, you know how to stay composed
Whatever the situation may be, whoever your anger may have aroused
Just let your work do that talking, you surely know the best
The super-human you are, you won't get too much fussed




It’s a beautiful poem. Loved it.

I am Sudarshan, a panelist of “Behind The Wall”(BTW), a project being done by Dravid fans. It’s a book on Dravid from fan’s perspective. It will contain fans feelings n opinions put through articles, poems and sketches. It will also have some guest interviews from some of the stalwarts in the cricketing world. I loved your poem and it fits perfectly into the theme of our book. With your permission we would like to include it in the book.

(We took permission from the man himself to write the book.)

Please send your poem to (official id ). To know more about the project or for further communication, you can contact me through (or through our official id).

Thank you,
Awaiting your reply,

A. Sudarshan Chakravarthy
Panelist, Behind the Wall.

OMG..Sathya is it you who wrote the poem? I unnecessarily typed the entire message. Anyway..great one. Send to btw

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