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Monday, June 6, 2011

One and One Eleven: Defeating the Loss

In Test cricket, we attribute a loss to 10 batsmen getting out twice, or getting out once at least in the 2nd innings of the game, while a win depends on a certain factors. So in simple terms, except the rare cases, a team can avoid defeat if the 10 pins don't fall (especially while fielding first – includes follow on). We have 11 batsmen in each team, so if we attribute equal percentage (figuratively as even the tail-enders have sometimes saved games), we come to a conclusion that each batsman holds 9% share in between losing and saving.

In 2001, Kolkata Test, an old saying turned true, which says 'ek aur ek gyarah', meaning one and one eleven or 1+1=11. As per the calculations, it was 9% share between saving and losing per batsman. Exactly 2 batsmen fought tooth and nail to try and save their 9%. It was only VVS in the 1st innings, but in the 2nd innings, Very Very Special – Wall partnership combined their 9 and 9 to make 99 and virtually saved the game, given mathematically 99 is nearly equal to 100. Including the matters of mind, heart, and confidence, the boost was clear enough that nobody could make 9 and 9 99 in the Australian innings.

Who says it's only a saying? Nine and nine is ninety-nine. One and one is eleven. And many such combinations.


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